Class Schedule


Ardán Academy 2020 Class Schedule


**Please note that any class with less than five (5) students may be canceled**


Monday- Taylor

6:00pm- Workshop Class

8:00pm- Adult Trad Sets    


Monday- Muskegon

4:30pm- Beginners

5:30pm- 2nd Year

6:30pm- Novice/Prizewinner


Tuesday- AOH

5:30pm- Beginner

6:30pm- 2nd/3rd Year  


Tuesday- Grand Rapids                     

5:00pm- 3rd Year

6:00pm- Novice

7:00pm- Prizewinner

8:00pm- Championship


Tuesday- Toledo

5:30pm- Beginner

6:30pm- Advanced


Wednesday- Grand Rapids

5:00pm- Beginner

6:00pm- 2nd year

7:00pm- GR Performance Team                       


Wednesday- Grosse Pointe

7:00pm- Performance Class 2                        


Wednesday- Taylor

6:00pm- Performance Class 1

8:30pm- Championship


Thursday- Taylor

5:00pm- Beginner/3rd year

6:00pm- Novice/Prizewinner

7:00pm- Adult Solo

8:00pm- Adult Ceili            


Friday- Grosse Pointe

5:00pm- Beginner

6:00pm- 2nd Year

7:00pm- Novice/Prizewinner

8:00pm- Championship


Saturday- Taylor

10:00am-12:00pm World Qualifiers